Elegance Outdoor Lighting Custom Design Process

  • Design 
  • Initial Phone Call
  • First Consultation
  • Proposal Approval
  • Installation
  • Order Completion 
  • Site Survey
  • Plan Development

First Consultation

We’ll come to your location with our design team to look at your property and perform the site survey, demonstration (if needed) and design. We are licensed and fully insured, and we’ll arrive on time in our logo marked vehicle and in uniform. We are professionals, and we charge for our time. Your fee for consultation and design is due the evening of your consultation and can be applied toward your project proposal.

Site Survey

​​We’ll walk around the property with you to get your input for the use of the spaces, identify areas for special attention, such as steps, walkways or features, and identify the location for circuits, outlets, transformers and wire runs will be placed. We’ll talk about the options for controlling your system and begin general discussions about your lighting design.


Many design aspects are taken into consideration including views from within the house, views from the street, areas that deserve special attention, your focal points, transition areas and light levels.

We design with the light, not the fixture. Fixtures are discussed - we will determine perfect placement, (whether or not they will be visible) as well as desired wattage, light levels and beam spread.

Design & Installation Plan Development

A design and installation plan is constructed including measurements and the wiring design plan. Voltage drop is calculated - which assists in determining the appropriate transformer and wire design to incorporate in the layout.

We will use existing landscape or architectural plans if available, and if not we will hand design on paper. We will provide specification sheets for the fixtures and transformers, as well as transformer and lamp schedules.

Proposal Approval

Once the planning is complete, a proposal is submitted to our client, which includes labor and material cost, sales tax and payment agreement. During the planning phase Elegance Outdoor Lighting will determine if a permit will be required for any electrical installations made. As a licensed electrical contractor we are able to request permits for jobs that require them, however, low voltage installations generally do not require a permit.

Once a proposal is accepted by the client, installation is scheduled. We contact “Dig Tess" to mark your utilities, and any special order fixtures will be obtained.


​The size of the job generally determines the time frame in which it can be started or will be finished. Generally, a small job of 20 lights can be completed in just a day or two, whereas a larger job, or one with a complex installation or difficult terrain can take longer.

Elegance Outdoor Lighting strives to complete jobs in a timely manner so that our customers can enjoy beautiful outdoor lighting.

In special cases where permits are required, we will apply and secure the permits before any work is begun. There are sometimes fees for this, which you pay directly to the permit granting agency. Often your signature and those of other property owners are required on the documents, and sometimes these need to be notarized. This differs by municipality.​

If you have hired a Landscape Architect or Landscape Installation Specialist, it is best that we coordinate installation and work in tandem to ensure that your installation goes smoothly. Also, if you intend to do major renovations on the property where the lighting is to be installed, we recommend that you provide us with a copy of your plans, and allow us to coordinate with all parties involved in the project.

We often begin with the Pre-Wire phase – hand digging at your property with care, installing wire to the locations of the fixtures and back to the transformers. If any dedicated circuits or GFCI outlets need to be installed, this will be done early in the process.

We will install each fixture, using the very best installation methodologies, and aim each fixture using a hand laser. The final focusing, addition of lenses or filters, and refining of lamps will be done after dark as the very last step of the installation process

Order Completion

When the installation is complete, we will contact you to approve the final product. We will program any digital or electronic controllers, and we will leave you with a beautiful lighting design and installation that you will enjoy late into the evening. We will follow up with our complete Customer Folio, which contains our Workmanship Warranty, our Maintenance Plan, and your completed documentation packet and “as-built” drawing or plans. Payment is due upon completion in most cases.

Services Provided

Contact us for an appointment

It is important that our customers are satisfied with their outdoor lighting. We take into consideration all aspects of how our customers will be using their outdoor living space, your budget and your lighting needs.

Initial Phone Call

We can be contacted through phone or email and our Senior Designer will gather an outline of information about your lighting expectations and desires, your needs, your property and your timeframe. A design consultation will be scheduled with the property owner and our team at the location of the lighting project, generally in the evening, to reach a better understanding where outdoor lighting is needed to match the lighting project vision.